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AJT Obedience Training Courses

Our mission is to help dog owners achieve a happy and harmonious relationship with their furry friends by providing top-notch obedience training services. Our training programs are designed to address a wide range of behavioral issues and cater to dogs of all ages and breeds. Whether you are looking to train a new puppy, correct an existing behavior problem, or simply want to reinforce good manners, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals. At our training center, we provide a safe and positive learning environment for dogs, and our trainers are committed to using positive reinforcement techniques that promote lasting results. Let us help you transform your dog into a happy, well-behaved companion that you can be proud of!

Puppy Obedience Courses

Puppies, puppies, puppies! They are the best but they have to learn everything in order to be happy, healthy and well-balanced members of our families and the community. It starts with training, training, and yes, more training for you to have the dog of your dreams. Luckily, AJT Dog Training is here to help.

Learn More About Doberman Pinscher Puppies

Along with dog trainers, we are Doberman Pinscher breeders. Our Doberman lines include Schutzhund Titled competitors and are free of negative traits, such as bad temperament, eye disease, and hip dysplasia. Fill out an application or contact us to learn more about our puppies.

Obedience Videos

Head Start Training Program

“Head Start” Puppy Training Curriculum Puppy owners have the luxury of having their pups stay with us from 8 weeks (which is the age in which they would go to their new homes) until they are 14 weeks old to receive additional training and socialization. This includes crate training, potty training, socialization, confidence building, obedience foundation work, and proper daily ear care and treatment for pups that get the ear cropping procedure done. This 6-week training program will set the stage for a much faster and smoother transition into their new homes since they continue to be raised under the constant
leadership and direction of AJT European Doberman’s founder and ace trainer Jermaine Anderson. Puppies will learn essential obedience commands and a variety of obedience principles during their stay, such as sit, down, “go to place,” introduction to walking on a leash, and name recognition and recall. Pups will be introduced to a variety of distractions on a daily basis while training so that they can begin to learn how to generalize certain commands in any environment. They will also meet and greet new people and dogs on a daily basis, which is crucial for their confidence, mental stability, and development.

Rookie Boot Camp

Whether at home or in public, being accompanied by an obedient Doberman is a most rewarding experience. There is a true joy to being acknowledged for your dog’s obedient public behavior. Through our intensive “Rookie” Obedience I course, your dog learns to obediently respond to commands: “Sit”, “Down”, “Come” when called, and “Loose-leash” walking with no tension on the leash (or tugging) in an attentive, comfortable “Heel” position. Mastering these commands while on a leash is fundamental to training your dog to respond to eventual “off-leash” communication.

At the conclusion of your dog’s “Rookie” weeks, we teach you the proper application of all learned commands and make recommendations to help you continue exercises to maintain these “now-trained” behaviors. While an obedient dog is the desire of any dog owner or handler – an obedient dog that is focused, responsive, and attentive to you is truly admired by all.

This four-week “Rookie” Obedience I course is especially recommended for your puppies at 14 weeks of age but is open to any older recruit upon my evaluation. Puppies enrolled in this course are raised under my direction in my home in Naples, a much more enriching alternative to the usual puppy classes as I’ll teach you not just how to deliver commands, but how to truly establish a bond with your dog by which he or she is always focused on and paying attention to the directions coming from you, no matter where you are!

  • Sit and Extended Sit (Your dog remains in position until released)
  • Down- Down and Extended Down
  • Loose Leash walking with distrations
  • Come on Command (outside, off-leash, with distractions)
  • Greeting Manners (not jumping)
  • Waiting politely at doors and gates (wait when they are opened until you release them)
  • “Place Command” go to your place and stay there until released
  • Heel command (on leash, Your dog will maintain a heel position on and off-leash wherever you take him or her and will learn how to adjust his or her speed and change directions with his or her  handler while maintaining a heel position while walking right next to you on your left side.
  • Out – to drop any and all things that you ask him to
  • Off – Do not jump on me or anyone else.
  • Daily Confidence building activities is a must.       
  • Daily socialization with dogs, people and exposure to many different environments while training.
  • Potty Training
  • Crate Training
  • Consistent ear care & treatment for your puppy’s cropped ears
  • Weekly video’s & photo’s of your dog in training

More Puppy Obedience Videos

Enroll in a Puppy Obedience Course in Naples, FL

Puppy obedience courses cover the basics that every dog and family should understand to ensure a happy relationship. We have a highly trained and professional team ready to help your dog succeed at dog boot camp in Naples, FL. Our obedience courses can help your new puppy adapt to your household and live a happier life.

Dog training can also help correct aggressive and unwanted behavior, such as chewing, separation anxiety, and jumping on guests. Our trainers have experience with dogs of all breeds and temperaments. Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog dealing with aggressive behavior, our trainers can help.

We also offer protection dog training in Naples, FL. Protection training prepares canines to serve as personal protection animals. However, professional training is needed to ensure successful outcomes.

At AJT European Dobermans, we thoroughly assess each dog to provide tailored coaching and behavior training for dogs in Naples, FL. You can rely on our trainers to create a customized program that takes into account your dog’s temperament.

Adult Dog Training & Boot Camp

Behavior Modification Training for Challenging Behaviors

You love your dog more than words can describe. But often times his or her behavior can be very difficult to manage. It is the responsibility of every dog owner to be accountable and responsible for their dog’s behavior at home and out in public to ensure the safety, health, and well-being of their pet and others. Our curriculum starts with a temperament evaluation to determine the dog’s social skills around other dogs and people. The evaluation also assesses your dog’s environmental stability and level of food drive, which is pertinent information for creating a customized program specific to the individual needs of the dog. 

All of our training methods are created to match to each dog’s temperament and each owner’s specific goals in a safe, healthy, positive, and productive environment. Trainer Jermaine Anderson is widely-regarded as one of the leading authorities on specialized training programs for dogs with hard to treat behavior issues. 

Commandant Boot Camp

“Commandant” Obedience II is a dynamic course to teach your dog “off-leash” disciplines and expand learned behaviors. Jermaine will work “off-leash” with the basic dog obedience commands, adding in advanced behaviors and commands as appropriate.

Your dog learns to obediently respond to “off-leash” commands: “Sit” and “Extended Sit”, “Down” and “Extended Down”; “Heel” (walking beside you adjusting to your pace, speed and change of directions, coming into a sit position when you stop); “Drop it” or “Leave it” (to drop anything that is in his or her mouth); “Come” when called (your dog stops activity to immediately return to you); “Place” or “Go To …” (a place like their dog bed, stay and “do not move until you are released from that position”). Additional distractions like balls, toys, bones, etc. can be introduced to proof the dog’s commands around common distractions.

The key to successful “off-leash” training is conditioning distractions. Jermaine introduces distractions into our training each day. Over the course of the six weeks, Jermaine continually adds higher stimulating distractions to the exercises to monitor your dog’s reaction. All while we provide the support helpful to sustaining your dog’s confidence and ability to generalize obedience commands in any environment. This training teaches your dog to be attentive and respond despite interruptions – unexpected encounters.

So dogs are being trained to respond to commands around other dogs, different people and many clients not only at my training school, but also out in public at various locations. This occurs every single day of the program. Under our real life dog-to-dog and dog-to-people scenarios, your dog’s behavior is proofed and consistently tested to develop your dog’s understanding of what behaviors are expected; to respond accordingly under your control regardless of distractions in any stimulating environment. Our goal is to enable you to communicate successfully with your dog at all times “off-leash” with 100% confidence that your dog will promptly respond to your commands.

Schutzhund Training

In German, Schutzhund actually means “protection dog.” But the sport of Schutzhund encompasses much more than just ensuring that a dog can guard. According to its official description, the sport of Shushed, “measures a dog’s mental stability, endurance, structural efficiencies, ability to scent, willingness to work, courage, and trainability.” Therefore, because our Doberman parents have not only all trained for and competed in this sport, but also titled in it, your new Doberman pup comes with a pedigree of a sport dog that’s equal to a world champion show dog. Its parents have passed temperament tests, up time into trail tracking training, and mastered personal protection training, showing that they are intelligent, athletic, and ultimately excellent at taking direction. Which is just what you want as you go on to form your puppy’s character to fit your family’s life and needs.

Our Knowledge is Your Knowledge

During your dog’s training with us, we will schedule multiple meetings to teach you everything that your dog has learned so that all positive communication and behaviors transfer to you – the lifelong handler – when your dog returns home. In the end, we are only successful if you and your dog are successful in your daily life together. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that every owner can obtain the same reliable results as the trainer.

Benefits of Home-Away-From-Home Training

At AJT Dog Training, your cherished pet lives in our home during his or her time in our “board and train” bootcamps. This is not only more inviting, comfortable, and healthier for your dog than a sterile commercial facility but it means we can simulate many of the same scenarios that an owner and dog would have on a day-to-day basis in their own home environment. If needed, we can strategically tailor our approach every day in a home/controlled setting to help each dog manage whatever behavior issues that they may be experiencing. 

The foundation training not only takes place in a controlled environment in our home, but we also take daily field trips to local dog-friendly places (i.e., retail stores, local dog parks, etc.) so that we can use these environments to build the necessary impulse control that owners need to be successful with their dogs.

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